Precautions must be taken both inside and outside the school campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Social distancing is mandatory for all present in school.
  2. A habit of regularly washing hands and applying hand sanitizers at key moments such as classroom; touching surfaces, learning materials, books, and after using a tissue to blow their nose should be developed.
  3. Wearing a mask is mandatory in school premises
  4. Do not share personal belongings (books,pens, pencils, note books etc.) and food items.
  5. Students must bring their own water bottle to school. Sharing of water bottel is not allowed.
  6. At the end of the school day, follow dispersal procedures by promptly exiting the building or reporting to the designated and supervised area of the school. There should not be any gathering inside or outside the school at dismissal.
  7. DO NOT come to school if you are feeling unwell (high fever cough and cold).