From The Principal's Desk

"School is a building which has four walls with TOMORROW inside". -Lon Walters

Providing excellent education to the students is of course the most important mission of Jain Happy School. However, our aim is not only to prepare the students for brilliant results in public examinations but also to equip the students for effectively meeting the challenges of the competitive world that is emerging.

As I look at all the moments captured and posted on our site, from the various events to the emergence of our magazine, I find myself reflecting on the world of today. With the ongoing technological advancement on one side, society is constantly progressing in leaps and bounds.

I am very fortunate to work with such dedicated, innovative and caring staff members, parents and students. We encourage an attitude of teamwork and interdependence among our students and staff. We believe in trueness of life because it reflects what we are. We want the youth to impact the world positively. I find each day an adventure filled with new experiences, learning for all, and a chance to constantly widen our horizons. It always gives me a great pleasure to see the sea of smiling faces of children and I must admit that on many days it is the students who make my day a little brighter. It is with confidence that I say that we are doing our part and sending out young men who will surely make a mark wherever they may go and definitely make a difference in the world.

Shalini Misra,
Principal, Jain Happy School

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