The Chairman Speaks

Sixty six years ago embarked the journey of Jain Happy School. From a modest beginning of three to three hundred and now 900 plus, we have come a long way. For me personally, I have reached the heights which no child can dream of. As a student of the very school I studied in I have been elevated to the post of Chairman, I owe all this to the blessings and teachings of my grandfather, Sh. A.P Jain, one of the founder members of the school, my father Sh. V.P Jain, who served the institution through the various posts he adorned during his prime time, with the sole motive of serving the institution, my teachers, who played an important part in my life and my team mates, who are also alumni of this school, like me.

Children, life is full of twists and turns, you may reach a position you must have never dreamt of. In those circumstances we must realise that we have reached that position not because of our merit alone, for had merit alone decided our success there are several others who would have shared this position. But our position is the result of the blessings of God, our parents and teachers. So school learning is not academic learning along, here we are unknowingly raking the blessings of God, our parents and teachers being obedient and good students. this certainly does not mean that you cannot enjoy or have fun, it only means that as children whether or not we are good in academics, our behaviour should be a model for anyone to emulate.

Atul Jain,
Chairman, Jain Happy School

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